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Welcome to Villas & Verandas! We will be adding new items as they come in, so please refresh our page and check back often. We are proud to live and work with art, design aesthetic, and the historic beauty of antiques and vintage items for many years. Ron continues to paint and I continue to source , make my Sacred Hearts, and to find unique and meaningful items for your home, that will make you smile, and add to the layers of meaning and love in your own personal home environment. It is always our goal to share the beauty and the meaning of hand-created items from the heart of the artist, carver, maker.

We wish you all the best Xo Aida & Ron


  • Antique Christ Child - Special Sale Price
    Antique Christ Child, Italy c Late 18th c to Early 19th c Stunning, artistic, Italian carved wood treasure for the collector: 28" total height, Christ Child is 16" not including cloud he stands on or stand with angel at his feet. 18" wide, approx. 9" deep. This is an exceptionally beautifully carved baby body, some restoration on a couple of fingers, the hands are gorgeous and most of the fingers are in original condition. Gilding and carving are absolutely beautiful and it is an impressive piece that can be hung on a wall. There are a couple of holes in the altar drape from where it was attached to a wall in a church or home altar. As always, Villas & Verandas is offering this beauty for an extremely SALE PRICE $1800. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like more photos. He is a true treasure, in all our years of working with and collecting santos, we have never seen another like him. He was once at our gallery, some years ago, and sold to one of our local collectors, who is now downsizing, so we are fortunate to be able to offer him for sale once again. Pieces of this rarity normally stay with their collectors for many years and are not seen on the market very often. We will consider a short lay-away of two split payments. Please see next two images for other views.
  • Antique Christ Child - without banner
  • Antique Christ Child - Back
  • Sterling Sacred Heart
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Painting
  • Roy Ropp painting
  • Roy Ropp painting detail
  • Roy Ropp painting detail
  • Russian Icon, Late 18th - Early19th century
    Spectacular, Large, Impressive Russian Icon of The Transfiguration of Christ. Gorgeous work of art, painted on a thick piece of wood typical of old Russian Icons. Found in Salzburg Austria about 12 years ago. One of the prettiest we’ve come across with spectacular golden rays surrounding The Resurrected Christ while all the gorgeous figures in beautiful colorful detail look on. Was appraised for former owner 10 years ago at $10,000. Truly a masterful work of art for the collector of historic art. Measures a large 35"x29" Offered at a great price $1800
  • Russian Icon, late 1700 to early 1800
    Gorgeous early Icon with wonderful warm patina depicting the Virgin Mary and Christ Child. Hung in the home of a Bishop/collector for many years along with other spectacular icons. This is one of the nicest of this kind - Our Lady of Perpetual Help - that we've seen. The patina, the age and the overall look and condition make this one a collector’s masterpiece! 12 1/2 “ x 10 “ $1400 ***Sale $650***
  • Cristo Crucificado  Esquipulas, Guatemala , late 18th to eary 19th c SOLD
    SOLD Cristo Crucificado Esquipulas, Guatemala , late 18th to eary 19th c This very old wonderful treasure is a corpus fragment from Esquipulas, Guatemala, which is a pilgrimage site, where a black Cristo hangs. Many years ago, the church was destroyed by fire, but the Cristo did no burn, it just blackened. This fragment is a little carved wood, work of patinated, aged art. The type of item a modern day artist would try to achieve. Would look beautiful mounted on a linen backed canvas to hang on a wall, framed in a shadow box, or just displayed as is. $95 8 ¼ x 9 ½ “ #02
  • Cristo Crucificado Corpus Fragment, South America  late - early 19th c SOLD
    SOLD Cristo Crucificado Corpus Fragment, South America late - early 19th c Carved wood, very old corpus fragment with wonderful patina from years of being prayed to and touched. These are little treasures of faith and history! $85 9 ½” #21
  • Russian Icon, late 1700 to early 1800 (side view)
  • Russian Icon, late 1700 to early 1800 (back)
  • Ron Deak - Soft Light On The Basillica 11x14 $950
  • Spectacular Spanish Colonial Santo,  St. Jude SOLD
    SOLD Spanish Colonial, St. Jude Thaddeus, Mexico City, Early 18th c, (early 1700). Spanish Colonial Santo Collector's Treasure, Museum Quality! Patron of Hopeless and Difficult Causes. Saint Jude Children's Hospital named after him. 16 1/2” H x 14 W x 5 D Head is 8” This is truly an extremely rare collector’s treasure! You will not see another, ever; one-of-a-kind. Similar to treasure trove of antique Santos at the Museo Franz Mayer in Mexico City. Amazing patina and beauty of this baroque “estofado” finish gold water gilding and painted over the carved wood. Gorgeous countenance and carving with an expression surrounding his glass eyes of sweet tenderness and mercy - a masterful depiction! Beautiful aging and patina - please inspect carefully. Has areas of missing polychrome and gilding. The piece is stable. Part of altar - back has evidence of where the wood was cut out to slide and hang onto altar area for mounting. Awesome, old iron nail/hanger in back. St. Jude holds his attributes, a book and a club. There is a well known prayer to St. Jude asking for a miracle, for intercessory help in difficult situations. Many Catholics have faithful stories of the miracles and favors St. Jude has helped with in their lives by remembering him, asking for help, and having his presence in their homes. Another sweet example of artful creation that honors God and the human capacity for love, hope and faith. Call for $$
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Our physical location has closed after 8 and a half years in San Juan Capistrano near the Mission. We are still very active in the art and antique community in South Orange County, as well as online, and we hold various art and antique shows ; please check for postings on the website. As always, we have a wide variety of art, carved wooden santos, and antiques in stock and available from our sources. Not all are online all the time, though we try. Please feel free to contact us at villasandverandas@cox.net if you have anything you are looking for that you don’t see on the website. We answer all emails and phone calls promptly. Our new # is (949) 588-6748 We can arrange private viewings of paintings or antiques by setting an appointment to meet with you. We ship anywhere. Thank you For Supporting & Preserving the Arts! Aida & Ron




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