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About Us

Welcome to Our World of Art!

 We are Aida Ganddini and Ron Deak, husband and wife, living in Southern California, not far from Mission San Juan Capistrano - one of our favorite places to visit, be inspired by, and paint. The Mission has a special place in our hearts, since the gallery was across the way for 8 years. We held many art shows in the Soldier’s Barracks there, which allowed us to donate towards preservation of “The Jewel of the Missions”.  We encourage you to visit this historic treasure.

 Ron is an accomplished artist, and one of the 100 artists featured in Land of Sunlight, with two of his paintings exhibited in the book.  His work is currently sold through our website.  He continues to paint daily since we closed the physical location of Villas & Verandas Fine Art. 

I spend my time sourcing for: antiques, and Santos, which I’ve been collecting and working with for many years.  I’ve worked as an art buyer and decorator for a large French antique showroom, and through the years, also worked at two television networks.  I’m an inspirational writer, and am currently working on writing projects, after running Villas & Verandas Fine Art for all those years.  I’ve been dancing flamenco since I was 4 years old and perform weekly with my flamenco group at Tapas in Newport Beach, as well as other venues throughout Southern California.  The name of our group is Duende Flamenco:  www.duende-flamenco.com  .  

We consider ourselves blessed to be able to share the things we love with others who may have common interests. The special connections we have made with people through the gallery are deeply meaningful to us.    We thank you for supporting the arts, and wish you many moments of beauty.

Aida & Ron



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