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Welcome to “Heaven on earth” as I like to refer to my surroundings  where we are graced by the peaceful presence, and the beauty of rare antique sacred santos (saints), antique Madonnas, antique angels, and other rare antique treasures from all over the globe.  We have been collecting and working with  them for many years, so we live with their peaceful energy.  The saints smile upon us, and provide not only decorative beauty but are symbols of love for God. Our santos are Spanish Colonial, Spanish, Italian, French, French Colonial, Guatemalan, Mexican, Filipino, Peruvian, as well as from other parts of South America, essentially; they are from all over the world where Christianity brought missionaries. They are  originally from old churches, convents, and home altars, but they are mostly from the heart and soul of the carvers who took meticulous care to create these testaments of faith, hope and love. They are carved wood, with layers of polychrome that create the beautiful “ encarnación” or flesh-like finish. Being Guatemalan and Italian, I grew up with them, and speak “santo” which means, I love everything about them. They are truly masterpieces of the heart, that we are honored to admire and share with collectors who love them as we do. 

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